Sterek AU: The first night Derek sleeps over, it’s not about sex. 

Derek settles onto the bed beside Stiles, both so worn out and exhausted from hours of research on the latest happening that’s been lurking around Derek’s home. The mattress dips slightly, and Stiles tears his eyes away from the patches on the ceiling, turns on his side and tucks a hand beneath his cheek as he watches the way Derek shifts in close to fit in the small space.

"I should go." Derek says quietly, his gaze meeting Stiles’. He bends his legs at the knees, the fabric of his jeans pressing against Stiles’ own knees through the thin material of his sweatpants. "I should," he says, but doesn’t finish, face so near as they share the slightly lumpy and too flat pillow. Stiles has two others; they don’t need to share just one.

"Stay." Stiles catches Derek’s wrist, the one that’s lying by his face on the mattress between them. He curls his fingers loosely around the thick bone, just in case this is something that Derek doesn’t want, could pull away easily from the gentle cage of Stiles’ hand. ”It’s late,” Stiles says, eyes lowering. He doesn’t want to let go of Derek now. Not ever.

"You have school tomorrow."

Stiles lifts his gaze to Derek’s, hates the way Derek’s face is shuttered with guilt and Stiles thinks that he probably smells a little of sadness, if Stiles could do that, pick up Derek’s emotions through waves of scent. 

"Why does it matter that I’m seventeen?"

Derek swallows at that, the hard lines of his body going tense.

Stiles shakes his head, rubs soft little circles over the beating pulse at Derek’s wrist with his thumb.

"Never mind," he whispers. "Just stay. Please— you don’t need to drive back. It’s late.”

Stiles can feel Derek’s heartbeat beneath his fingers, the steady mantra of thud thud thud, until Stiles begins to wonder if that’s his own rhythm echoing in his chest.

Derek nods, finally, mouth a solemn line.

Stiles learns that Derek has thin spiky eyelashes, learns the way they cast dark smudges beneath Derek’s eyes when he sleeps, the way Derek’s mouth falls slack and how the line between his brow smoothens out. 

Stiles likes the soft pressure of Derek’s weight beside him, the warmth of Derek’s hand on his elbow.

It’s not morning when Stiles awakens. The room is cast in shades of blue, shadows settling in the corners, a long slant of Derek’s profile arching across the carpet from where Derek is sitting at the edge of the bed. The points of his elbows dig into his knees, his right hand drawn up in a loose fist by his chin as he frowns down at his shadow as if he could make it disappear by force of will. 

Stiles places a tentative hand on the bed, palm flat.

"I’m not any good, Stiles.” Derek’s voice like grit between his teeth, thick and hoarse in the quiet.

Stiles slowly pushes himself up, draws his knees in close.

"No," he murmurs.

Derek squeezes his eyes shut, those pretty eyelashes like dark spokes against his skin, washed out pale from the streetlight outside.

I’m not.” Stiles says, and Derek’s face snaps up to look at him, eyes open and wide and so painfully broken. “And yet, I still want any part of you that you’ll give me.”


What do you do when you’re no longer the hero of your own story?



 #teen wolf #derek hale #one might look at derek and think: here is a boy who needs to be taken care of #and granted. he admits that there’s been a lot of shit happening in his life. #it’s left its scars on him. #it’s given him some issues. #but mostly it’s taught him the value of control and the value of being needed #the people who come to him all need something and derek takes the time to find out what that is. #the great thing about this profession is that it forces honesty out of people #derek knows what to do and he knows how to do it. #’i want it to hurt’ someone might tell him. ‘i want you to hurt me so much that i feel like i’m flying afterward’ #and the week after someone else might come to him and say: ‘can you tie me up? i need to feel secure somewhere. kept.’ #and derek will hurt the first person and tie up the second #and for the time that he has them… these people belong to him. #they are his to care for. #the way that they smile at him afterward — satisfied and pleased with their session — is almost as good as the money they’ve given him #because the money is so *so* good 

What the Jeff? - Sterek x The Notebook

*taking OTP significant quotes and putting a Sterek spin on them


I went to this amazing carnival with my friends last night and it was deathly freezing and I saw couples keeping each other warm and stuff and woops I accidentally thought about the pack going to a carnival and of course Sterek happens. I’m not good in writing so I decided to draw instead. The Pack Goes To The Carnival AU

Derek, if this is all just a dream, why do you look so worried?